Diễn Viên Renee Roulette

Renee Roulette

Sweet and soft-spoken, Renee Roulette will melt your heart with her delicate whisper and coy giggle, but that innocent look is hiding a dirty slut who's dangerously submissive. It takes a whole lot of trust to be as obedient as she is, but for the sake of the adventure, Renee turns all the power over to her costar, letting him take control of her slender body. Preferring her penetration to be rough and mean, this adorable teen has no time from mushy sentimental nonsense, and even though she might look like the girl-next-door, Renee isn't about to change for anyone. Her sweet but sinful personality is what sets her apart from all the other ladies trying to make it in the booty biz, and it's exactly that versatility that's made her famous in pro-am, bondage, and mainstream pornography!

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