Diễn Viên Danielle Derek

Danielle Derek

If you like big boobs, then Danielle Derek's 34GGGs are the Holy Grail! Born in Bloomfield, New Jersey, this busty blonde MILF credits her unquenchable boob fetish to a sexually repressed Catholic schoolgirl upbringing. With no access to boys and an insatiable sex drive, Danielle began daydreaming of ways to flaunt her already smoking hot body. She became infatuated with the adult industry and exotic dancers; their raw erotic flair appealed to her. At 18 and fresh out of school, the bubbly babe began stripping at local New Jersey bars, which financed her first voluptuous enhancement: a juicy set of big fake tits! The jump to nude modelling was small, the jump to porn even smaller, and a major boob job christened each of her major career changes. After taking a brief break from the industry, Danielle returned in 2017, flaunting new gargantuan 34GGG tits, a huge curvaceous ass, and impossibly pouty blowjob lips that turn this MILF's already hot scenes up a scalding notch!

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